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Training At EVMT

We love this sport and want to share it with everyone.


Whether you are an absolute beginner, casual hobbyist or competitive athlete we have designed our programming to meet you where you are at and assist in your progression step by step.

Our Classes

Intro To Muay Thai

Never thrown a punch or kick in your life? Well don't worry we have a class for you.

Focusing on the mechanics of the sport this class is a mixture of calisthenics, shadow boxing, drills partner and pad work to get you sweating and while you learn and reinforce the foundational movements of the sport. 

Muay Thai Fundamentals

Our most popular class, this is a combination of cardio and conditioning work along with partner drills and pad work.


Unlike a cardio kickboxing class, we structure these classes around building and reinforcing effective technique to help you develop fundamental skills you can use whether you just want to stay fit, have fun or eventually compete. 

Pad Class

If you really want to get your heart pumping this is the class for you. These classes are the closest we get to cardio kickboxing in our gym. They are focused on cardio conditioning and learning how to be an effective pad holder.

Mobility & Stability

Muay Thai flexibility and core strength is fundamental to progression and injury prevention.

In this class we use weights, plyometrics and dynamic stretching to round out your strength & conditioning driving increased performance and reduced chance of injuries.

Applied Muay Thai

Applied Muay Thai is the gateway to competition.

Mondays & Wednesdays are focused on technical sparring and clinching.


Tuesdays & Thursdays focus on technical elements of managing distance, ring generalship, and competing against fighters with different physiques and styles. 

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